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my fav part of the pauline epistles is the "shout out" sections at the end ("Greetz to my boys in Laodicea, and the whole crew at Nymphas' place")—because they really do sound just like youtuber shout outs—but also because they fix the often abstract theological content of the letters themselves to a particular social and physical context. a weird mix of posturing and name-dropping and exhortations and "i'm in prison and i don't know if i'll ever see you again"

imaginary bibliography for this toot:

are youtube videos formally epistolary? a study

greetz and shoutouts: a cultural history

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(imaginary bc i assume they exist but i didn't bother to look them up, not imaginary bc i don't think anyone has ever written on these topics before!)

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"me? double majored in cs and classics with a specialization in Early Christian Demoscene Studies"

@jleedev @aparrish I often have trouble parsing "demoscene" as English rather than Greek.

@jleedev @aparrish no, I think it's when you inlay metals into one another; it's named after the city of demoscus

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