finding out that the mahalo old fashioned woman was actually an experienced bartender improvising as best as she could with awful materials in order to make some quick cash off of dot-com exhaust makes that video much much more relatable

@aparrish It's also a great example of how we over-react in the social media/viral age. We don't always have the context and we're so quick to troll/drag people.

@sonicbooming @aparrish I've been pondering this lately. There's something about the false immediacy of video that gets a new layer in a social-media environment. On some level, we think we *know* the person who reviews movies or video games, that because we've watched their vlogs we understand how their lives have shaped them, that they owe us what our friends owe us. We feel betrayed when they do a thing that, coming from an actual friend, might just be irksome.

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