The final version of my asemic novel _Ahe Thd Yearidy Ti Isa_ (made for NaNoGenMo 2019) is now available, either as a 100MB PDF or as an online image gallery

it was generated from a suite of GANs trained on bitmaps of random words, which I then sampled from and arranged to look sorta novel-esque. training code: novel generation/layout code:


using the same models and code I also made a book of latent space interpolations. this isn't 50k words long but I like it and wanted to share. PDF version image gallery:

this has been on my "open projects and ideas" board for like a year and i am very happy right now to be able to take it down and rip it in half and throw it away

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@aparrish Do you have any way of doing a latent space interpolation between "laurel" and "yanny"?

@aparrish Ah, I was afraid of that.

Having read up on GANs a tiny bit... if you wanted to find the latent space coordinates that best matched a target, could you use a different discriminator that just knows that target, and have the generator work its way towards that?

(Not asking you to, just curious about the limitations.)

@varx yep it's definitely possible and worth exploring, just not built into the gan code i hacked to make this thing work!

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