spending my new year's eve like I always do: smugly reassuring myself that calendar time is purely arbitrary and conventional in order to avoid being subject its obvious affordance as a means to be introspective about my feelings and behavior over a given period πŸ‘β€‹πŸ—“οΈβ€‹

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@aparrish Introspection is scary best to avoid at all costs

@aparrish Me: come on I introspect all year long I don't need an arbitrary holiday to do it.

Also me, all year long: [Introspectively consumes internet]

@aparrish but that also means you could be introspective of your feelings at any minute. introspection could be lurking around any corner

@bcj minutes and corners are also social constructs

@aparrish that's what's so spooky about social constructs. you can construct a thing and then there it is

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