though admittedly my main reason for thinking it's a good pep is "think of all the silly one-liners this would make possible"

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@aparrish rude of python not to become perl but only for me and not anyone else's code I have to deal with imo

@bcj @aparrish my headcanon is that Larry is Goofus and Guido is Gallant

@ranjit @aparrish I feel like that's unfair. they just have very different ideas of what they want out of a programming language

@bcj @aparrish well i also think that despite the moralistic G&G stories, everyone secretly roots for Goofus

@ranjit @bcj I also feel like Larry would 100% agree with this characterization and would have an entire talk prepared on the virtues of Goofus

@aparrish @ranjit @bcj the thing is that while everyone enjoys watching goofus more, nobody wants to work with them

@aparrish @ranjit @bcj the four virtuous of a programmer:

laziness, impatience, hubris and goofus

@Ranjit @bcj @aparrish Goofus taught me the time-saving virtues of not brushing my teeth before bed

@bcj @aparrish

Eh. I once worked on a 6k-line Python script that was almost entirely the body of a single 'for' loop. That loop body consisted only of a giant if-else statement of the form:
elif entry['ghc987950']...:
elif entry['ghc76893'] ...:
The loop variable ('n') was global and by used functions.

Okay, so I mostly just wanted to horrify you, but also: this program would probably have been neater if written in Perl just because of 'my', 'use strict' and blocks.

@aparrish Ruby has this, and Rubocop, of course, doesn't like it one bit.

@aparrish I'd never read that before. I agree it's a nice one, and no worse than all the other syntax we've been adding lately. Would prefer this to the walrus operator for instance.

@aparrish ruby has this and it's almost always a Pretty Bad Idea but occasionally pretty useful.

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