tired: why don't you go jump in a lake, pal
wired: why don't you go query a data lake, pal

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this is from MongoDB's managed hosting service but "Atlas Data Lake" could also 100% be a Vex-centric DLC map for Destiny 2

@aparrish reading this in the rudest robot voice I can think of

@aparrish I think "data lake" is right near the top of my least-favourite terms (that aren't actively bigoted)

@bcj today is somehow the first time this term crossed my path! it's pretty weird and bad

@aparrish @bcj weird. Last month I was showing this exec gang a single 1/8 Exadata in our data center and one asked "is this a data lake?"

I hadn't heard the term and just looked dumfounded and said "no no it's not" and then he went red in the face.

Later, my boss said "good job fielding that stupid question."

I said to him "What the fuck is a data lake??!" 😆😆

@aparrish I'm still not sure what the difference is between a data lake and a bunch of disorganized data stored together

@apocheir from what I can gather, the main difference is that the first thing is good and the second thing is bad and you can pay AWS a monthly fee so that your bad thing is actually a good thing

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