first experiment on the axidraw: glove vectors from words in _Alice in Wonderland_, plotted radially (basically the same code as this

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the python API for axidraw is really cool, plus it means I can draw and plot right from jupyter notebook!

I'm pretty sure the big spike at 10 o'clock is the dimension in the glove vector that is more or less associated with the frequency of the word. so when I do this with typical english language text, most of the words have that big spike

one more quick experiment: this is Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky" with each word "spelled" out using a visualization of the dimensions of the hidden state of a phoneme-to-grapheme model

(in particular, Pincelate's model, passed through PCA in order to reduce from 256 to 32 dimensions—I resized the length of the squiggle based on the number of phonemes in the word being spelled)

I think what I'm trying to do here are visualizations that appear "asemic" but that actually encode information about the text—the idea with this one is that you can actually see visual similarities between marks for words that sound similar—you can sorta see this in the end rhymes and in e.g. the "o frabjous day calloo callay" line (sixth from bottom)

(the thing that is tripping me out about this is that I'm using the same micron 03 that I use to take notes so it LOOKS to me like something I drew by hand??)

@aparrish ooh that in itself makes me want an axidraw more, since i really don't like inkscape

@aparrish And so you get a big plate of unicorns, which, you know, could be worse.

@aparrish Sorry to be a bother: when I click on the "GloVe vector" link in the help dialog of the visualization, it just closes the dialog instead of opening the link.

Firefox 72.0.1 on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04)

Love this experiment. 👍 👏

@darth_mall oh that's weird! same thing happens to me. I'll fix it. this is the link btw

@aparrish I don't know what any of this is or means but it's the coolest

@marie_joseph @aparrish Yeah, I feel like a dog watching a juggler. I don't understand what's happening, but I urgently want to watch it keep happening.

@aparrish Are the phoneme embeddings sequential within each word-squiggle? I keep trying to find the rhyme pattern near the ends of the words, or something that looks like "wabe" near the end of "outgrabe" Regardless, I am super into this concept of hidden meanings, and I love how this totally looks like someone's messy handwriting.

@danima no, the spatial layout of the squiggles don't have anything to do with the order of the phonemes—the circular forms I used in the previous experiment are partially designed to avoid suggesting exactly that mapping. but I'm glad you like the piece!

@aparrish I really like this! I have the poem memorised, so I was able to 'read' through your visualisation and pick out some patterns/commonalities.

@aparrish today i learned i want an axidraw, but not before i had read these posts enough times to realize that a pen plotter was involved

(overlap here with a recent @cypnk thread about using a laser cutter with a printer head like an old school pen plotter... somehow this is in the air lately.)

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