overthinking... the duck tales theme song 

the way that the songwriters broke up this clause over the count in the ducktales theme song is really brilliant imo

tales of derring-
do, bad and good
luck tales

elsewhere in the song (as is the "default" I think in English-language lyrics), measure boundaries more or less line up with syntactic constituents. but here the measure boundaries break up a word (derring-/do) AND a strongly collocative adjective sequence embedded in a noun phrase (good/luck)

overthinking... the duck tales theme song 

here, orderly syntax submits to the music's propulsive, machine-like form, mirroring both the formulaic nature of the typical Duck Tales narrative, and the show's sometimes nightmarish and subversive themes

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was only thinking about this because imo this hocket very strongly suggests in the opening bars that it is going to become a cover of the duck tales theme song mearaoreilly.bandcamp.com/trac (it does not become a cover of the duck tales theme song)

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