how long before media companies just go ahead and start charging subscription fees for one-time pay-per-view? "Want to watch X? Click here to subscribe to our Having-Watched-X service! Watch X and then keep on having watched it that one time for just $6.99/mo"

@aparrish store your memories in the cloud, they said. what could go wrong, they said.

@djsundog @aparrish it's a more expensive ticket price if you want to remember having watched that movie, friendo

@aparrish That was PPV back in the 90's. One payment, one watch.

@drwho my joke was that with the current "subscription for everything" trend, soon they'll start charging you a monthly subscription for watching it once

@aparrish "I mean, if you don't cancel right away, that's your MORAL failing and we DESERVE the money"

Or something like data caps, "you have 100h of watch time left. Do you want to add more watchtime?" And later. "You have no more hours of watch time left. Buy more or watch one of our {Service}-Unlimited Content, you can watch them even without watch time left."

They could also split up theire content, you would need multiple subscriptions if you want everything. 5$ for the basic stuff, 2$ for your old films, 1$ if you want the making-ofs, interviews, commentary and extended editions.

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