magnifique, chef's kiss, a single tear runs down my cheek

Hahahahahahahahahaha, that's some algorithm fine sense of humor.

@aparrish It's depressing to think of the percentage of jokes I'll come up with in my life that won't be as funny as this one

@aparrish (For those, like me, wondering about the expected answer: ”Unicode 13.0 adds 5,930 characters, for a total of 143,859 characters. These additions include 4 new scripts, for a total of 154 scripts, as well as 55 new emoji characters.”

@FiXato @aparrish (for some definition of “character”—there are 1,114,112 codepoints in Unicode, most unassigned, but the assigned number of codepoints (143,859) does not count characters which are formed of multi-codepoint sequences, like hangeul, or accented characters, or ZWJ emoji, and only counts once characters as in Arabic which might have a variety of forms depending on where they appear in the word. including all of those, there are (practically speaking) probably about a million distinct characters encodable in Unicode (very rough off-the-top-of-my-head guess), or theoretically infinite if you want to include zalgo)

@FiXato @aparrish ah, and it appears that number (143,859) does not include control characters, surrogates, noncharacters, or private-use characters (there are a total of 283,506 designated codepoints in Unicode):

@kibimon @FiXato @aparrish how can anyone keep track of this show with such a large cast

@fool @kibimon @FiXato @aparrish typecast them all to char and you’re down to a more reasonable number

@aparrish my favorite bit is when you ask about Prime Ministers with the abbreviation"pm"and get their heights in pico-meters…

all caps, cheerleader style 


@aparrish isnt that the max length for a unicode char? like 7 bytes?

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