more computational asemic wip: catmull-rom splines connecting points of concentric polygons (with some brushstroke effects applied to the resulting paths)


"cursive" from concatenating catmull-rom splines that connect points randomly placed on 3x3 grids, drawing from a fixed "alphabet" of glyphs

a fun thing you can do with catmull-rom splines is overshoot the "tightness" parameter and make progressively more loop-de-loop forms—here each line has a higher tightness parameter than the previous one (starting at -0.5)

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@aparrish could you do that with a spline fitted to cursive text because

@hansup yup, his (brilliant) work is constantly on my mind and a constant reference in the class I'm teaching on this stuff. other refs include mirtha dermisache renee gladman vera molnar

@aparrish Thanks for pointing to Mirtha Dermisache and Renee Gladman! Vera Molnar I already knew, but those are new to me.

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