this is a first for me: I actually managed to use one of those promotional swag bags enough to wear it out. sucks 'cause I really liked this bag :(

@aparrish it looks well-loved!

self-quarantine craft project: learn darning :)

@aparrish tbh i would probably just use iron-on patches from the inside because it's super easy and i already have some of that iron-on mending fabric. But *someday* i wanna learn darning.

@whoisgina I'd like to but I don't know how! is there a tutorial or something you'd recommend?

@aparrish this book has good info on the basics and ideas for more ~ artistic mending ~ which would be fun to have in white thread on the back

@aparrish i have never done it myself but i have some things that need mending so maybe finding and learning to use sashiko needles and thread is a good social distancing task

@whoisgina @aparrish I’m also planning on mending some things! I have a big list.

@aparrish @whoisgina I would love to learn how to repair the holes in my reusable Berkeley Bowl bag (polypropylene).

I'm sad to give it up, even though it's recyclable, since I don't live in Berkeley any more.

@npd @aparrish @whoisgina it doesn't look like it'd be too bad to hand sew some patches on there (old jeans or whatever are a good source for this), but sometimes at the point where you've got that many little tears, the fabric overall is getting so worn that it's just going to rip again...

@brennen @npd @whoisgina yeah I might go the other way with this and use patches from this bag to mend something else...

@aparrish wait, pretend I said *extremely Elton John voice* goodbye hello world bag

@aparrish you can stiill repair it with some pieces of clothes ... It would "change" but it can be creative too ;)

@aparrish happened to mine as well. I used it a lot more than my others because its so nice :)

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