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I can't get over the banal cyberpunk dystopia vibe of the NBA reboot. in lieu of a crowd, there are huge video walls showing, like, webcam feeds of fans with their backgrounds keyed out to make it look like they're sitting in arena seats. all the games are being played on a handful of courts in florida, but the names of the "home" team's arena sponsors are being composited onto the court for the broadcast. an ad along the sidelines reads "NBA App / Tap to cheer"

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sports (nba) 

also I can't believe J.R. Smith is playing professional basketball again

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sports (nba) 

@aparrish a gift in these trying times

sports (nba) 

@aparrish @Taweret it feels very much like “Fifteen Million Merits” episode of Black Mirror.

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@aparrish "tap to cheer"



i'm already lying down yet i need to lie down. lie more down somehow

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