gut reno of the ephemerides code yields... pretty much the same kinds of output as the original. oh well.


another example of the output (text only):

In this life,
he finds fields to be easterly.

He has been accounted
for in the following way
too ambitious to fall-centred,
but yet too intent to be

To be forced up
high above the ordinary sea,
and the vessel, by

preparation, was mercifully
delivered upon one

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this newfangled constituency parser is significantly more accurate than the one I had been using, meaning there are fewer outputs that call attention to their patchwork anomalous syntax. I'm using my own ML model to add line breaks to the prose, instead of the adhoc rulesets I had been using in the previous version, which feels more elegant from a code perspective, and I think the results are "better" in that the enjambment draws less attention to itself.

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