came back to some code after a few days and... I left this in a weird place


anyway, here's a tutorial I've been working on recently about Inform 7 (a commonly used language for making interactive fiction):

it takes a somewhat unusual(?) route through the material, showing you how to implement your own actions, properties and relations before showing you how to use the built-in stuff (like "take lamp" and "go north"). I think this approach makes it easier to understand how Inform's syntax and the standard rules/world model actually work

@aparrish this looks great. filed for review if i ever again work up the ambition to try writing some IF...

@aparrish THANK you♥♥♥♥♥ I truly love I7 and it is the main & most radical inspiration for all my work in tabletop. It changed my view of how a game could work and what a game could be. Obv the name “blorb” also came from that community.


>> play self

You play a tune on yourself. It sounds lovely.

Inform is the best♥

@aparrish I can't wait to read this! it's such a fun language

@aparrish was very surprised to find that I could put things into the snowglobe without opening it first.

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