an interview with me (en français!) in arobase, on computer generated poetry, sound symbolism, and language models:

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being translated into french always feels so intellectual and fancy. like "...ces mots ne sont en fait que des îles dans une mer d’orthographes et symbolismes sonores, où il n’y a pas de frontières fixes et où un mot déteint sur un autre." it's like... get a grip on yourself allison, what do you think you're andré breton or something

@aparrish haha poet goals, translated into a language which makes you sound like fancy butter and expensive silks. I felt the same when a Russian professor wanted to use one of my poems, like YES please make me sound like velvet!

@aparrish spoken like a true poète et informaticienne

@aparrish The restaurant scene in The Matrix always called out to me after I spent a few years in French.

@aparrish OMG you're that much better than Breton. Carry on Allison.

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