hi fediverse, I just posted transcripts of a few talks and lectures I've given over the past few years, mostly concerning the connections between machine learning, language and poetry: posts.decontextualize.com

(notes and summaries in individual posts below)

"Desire (under)lines: Notes toward a queer phenomenology of spell check" asserts that spell check is a "straightening device" (following Sara Ahmed's use of that term) that attempts to curb spelling's material, expressive, and sensual qualities. Includes a fun proto-Indo-European etymology aside posts.decontextualize.com/quee

(originally prepared for the EACL 2021 Queer in AI Social)

"Language models can only write poetry" is an attempt to categorize the outputs of language models (from Tzara's newspaper cutups to Markov chains to GPT-3) using speech act theory. Touches on the immersive fallacy, Jhave's ReRites, Janelle Shane's AI Weirdness, Kristeva, etc. posts.decontextualize.com/lang

(excerpted from my Vector Institute / BMOLab "distinguished lecture")


"Rewordable versus the alphabet fetish" outlines how conventional spelling games (like Scrabble) are based on cryptography (via Poe's The Gold-Bug) and mystical alphabetical metaphysics—and how we attempted to circumvent those influences in Rewordable, a board game I co-designed a few years ago. includes a very adorable illustration I found of neoplatonist medieval philospher John Scotus Erigena posts.decontextualize.com/rewo

(originally a talk at NYU Game Center's Practice conference)

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it was @brainwane's "if you give a speech you care about, post a transcript" post that finally motivated me to clean these up and put them online harihareswara.net/sumana/2021/

I've got a workflow going now where I can create a presentation and a nicely formatted transcript (i.e., my speaker notes) from one file, and post it to the web straight from my notes app (Zettlr), so hopefully it's easier for me to do all this in the future

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