this is super cool and I can't wait to see what people do with it
"It is now possible to have Inform projects which run Basic Inform only, a form of the language without rooms, things, vehicles, the command parser, actions, and so on, but still having phrases, rules, lists and the like: in effect, Basic Inform is a general-purpose programming language."


also the idea of using Inform wherever for "world-modelling, conversation, or dynamic text generation" (not just parser IF) is fun to think about... imagine Inform living a second life as a kind of embedded friendly prolog-like you use for game dev

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@aparrish The Inform 7 docs already position it as a good tool for whiteboarding out scenes in game dev, and it's compelling for that use. Being able to integrate that into engines would be neat, but maybe not necessary?

@aparrish In the sense that there's a ton of value in the tool as it exists today, not as in "don't do it."

@owen I agree, and that's how I usually teach Inform 7 (i.e., as a prototyping tool that forces you to think about underlying formal relationships, not just visuals and interfaces). i'm not a professional game developer, but it does seem to me that there's a use case somewhere for Inform-style world model declarations and querying, even in non-IF projects

@aparrish @owen I've been interested in the integration possibilities between Inkle's Ink scripting language and Unity for a while now, though my total lack of Unity skillz has kept me from exploring it as thoroughly as I'd like.

@aparrish @owen (one of my longtime "one of these days" projects involves marrying 2D art to a lot of procedurally-generated flavor text, and I've never found an engine that handled that idea well)

LB: I've known from the start that LiSE was going to need a proper rules engine at *some* point, and just put off implementing a real one because I considered time travel to be more basic. The current implementation works ok for toy sims but won't scale to a real Crusader Kings-like

The LiSE world model was inspired by interactive fiction to begin with, so Inform's rules engine might fit the bill...

Queries are coming, too, though I plan on modeling those more off of SQL

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