i couldn't find a gameboy color case on the market that i liked, so i made my own! the case is made from two panels of hand-woven fabric (cotton with an area of weft pile for cushioning, and a cotton/grey linen strip for decoration) which i hand-stitched to together to make the pouch. third pic shows the larger panel after it came off the loom. the button is made from a spare gameboy color d-pad i had hanging around, which i trimmed and glued to an acrylic shank button blank

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other than hemming towels, this is the first thing i've sewn since... middle school home economics? i am already brimming with ideas for the second version of this project and there's tons i could improve, but it was really fun to make and very gratifying to start with an idea and a spool of yarn and end up with something i can (and will) actually use

(the fabric is actually dark grey, btw, even though it looks navy in the first two photos. i should have corrected the colors a bit better)

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