i needed a way to sample yarn and color combinations without the hassle and waste of warping my regular loom, AND i wanted to learn how to make 3d models for 3d printing... so i made my own little 3d printed frame loom! i designed the model in freecad and printed it with one of the ultimakers in my department's shop. the loom is so small that i didn't bother with a heddle—i wove "manually" using a long tapestry needle and beat the weft with a 99c hair pick from walgreens.

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this is actually the first 3d model i've ever made, and (somehow?) the first thing i've ever printed in a 3d printer. the whole process was very fun and satisfying! after having used it, the only change i'd make to the loom would be to slightly offset one of the rows of pegs (as it is, the warp ends up slightly diagonal if you're warping like i did, by running the thread from one side to the other and back)

weaving, 3d printing 

@aparrish This is amazing! Great idea! If I can get my hands on a 3D printer, this'll be one of the first things I make, too.

weaving, 3d printing 

Looks like you did a great job 😉
a lot of "first prints" go wrong at the fablab I work at because the models are ambitious/not aligned with the strengths of 3d printing, but this one seems well thought out!

@aparrish nice work! @FreeCAD is a very powerfull tool. Hope you continue exploring it.

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