gameboy repair 

removed my first burned polarizer today, from a game boy pocket lcd. it was less difficult than i thought it would be. (tedious but not difficult.) pics show what it looked like beforehand, the middle of the process, and after the polarizer was removed completely (including all the adhesive). i don't have new polarizer film yet, but my sunglasses are polarized, so i used them to check to see if the screen still works (it does!)

gameboy repair setback! 

boo i ruined this one when i was desoldering the ribbon so i could get to the back light (the front half of the ribbon is very delicate and it's easy to accidentally rip the connectors right off of it, and no way to fix because the connectors lead straight into the tiny tiny matrix controller chip). oh well! now i have an extra gameboy pocket motherboard for some future mod...

gameboy repair success! 

i finished (mostly) this backlit gameboy pocket build! i ended up using another gbp screen i had for the backlight mod. the bivert chip i bought was a dud, i think, but the backlit display looks fine without it imo. this model of the gameboy pocket didn't include a power led, but the aftermarket lens i bought has an opening for one, so i ended up rigging the most homemade power led mod imaginable (just soldered a through-hole led and resistor between vcc and ground)

gameboy custom build 

just finished this custom DMG with an aftermarket IPS LCD, shell and buttons! I love how it came out but it was a surprisingly tough build. I accidentally zapped the original motherboard I was going to use (the DMG's design makes it too easy to send -30v straight to the CPU) and killed the first fancy LCD I tried to install (which the vendor kindly replaced). and THEN I discovered the speaker didn't work, so I had to reopen to diagnose. but it's all fixed now and works great!


gameboy custom build 

the dmg has this reputation for being indestructible, but in my (small) experience, repairing and modding them is like a high wire act. there are no fuses, the dc voltage circuit is unregulated, the ribbon cable connecting the screen pcb to the motherboard is just held in with friction. (that cable has the line for the B and Left buttons right next to the LCD negative bias, so if you don't insert it juuuust right, you'll short the contacts and fry your CPU like I did)

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gameboy custom build 

yeah, gameboy color is where it's at. gba too, but I feel like it's harder to make those as cute.

the one thing that's nice about the dmg is that it's big compared to the others? that ribbon cable though... 😣

gameboy custom build 

@aparrish Nice build. I once ruined th LCD while removing the polariser. From that moment on I used the IPS v5 kits. Those are plug and play and have a much better image. And with two wires you can get AV out.

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