hey can anyone out there help me find critical/theoretical writing on hardware modding? (especially on video game hardware, but any kind of consumer modification of industrially-manufactured products would work)

I know that (e.g.) Stephanie Boluk and Patrick Lemieux have studied video game modding from a software perspective, but I don't know anyone studying hardware mods in particular.

(doesn't need to be "academic," just looking for stuff beyond tutorials and enthusiast press)

(boosts ok!)

@aparrish This isn't exactly what you're looking for, but throwing these out in there in case they lead to something else. Bunnie Huang has written about "Gangkai innovation", which is sort of modding on an industrial scale. He also wrote about his work on the Chumby, which he wanted to be hacked.


And on his blog:


There also his earlier Xbox hacking:


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