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evolving allison by incrementally adding noise to the hidden phonetic state of a phoneme-to-grapheme-to-phoneme model...

tired: why don't you go jump in a lake, pal
wired: why don't you go query a data lake, pal

code and notes for the SFPC Code Societies workshop that I wrapped up last night, entitled "Computational exploration of magical and divinatory language" including automated random word squares, magic words through noise applied to phonetic hidden states, oracle card vectorization, tarot t-SNE, etc.

preview of the video piece I'm putting in the SFPC retrospective exhibition (slightly more elaborate version of the word GAN interpolation thing I posted a while ago)

tattoo idea

(do people normally get tattoos as a form of satire)

polymer plate and proof that i got from boxcar press today, using images generated from the GAN I trained on bitmaps of words (taking this to the letterpress in a few days to make some prints!)


tarot interpretations 

Philostratus the Elder's strident critique of machine learning, 3rd c. CE. "The pool paints Narcissus... Do you then expect the pool to enter into conversation with you?"

"the points that lie somewhere between shoes and pants" machine learning is good actually

the correct answer here was "country" but duolingo, my friend, my love, i *would* one day like to visit a french-speaking hamburger

been working on a lot of fancy text language poetry generation stuff lately but it's so tough to beat the tried and true technique of "replace words with other words sharing the same part of speech"

this has been on my "open projects and ideas" board for like a year and i am very happy right now to be able to take it down and rip it in half and throw it away

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