programming, color 

programming, color 

programming, color 

Ghost-Busters (1939) starring Judy Garland, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and Gail Patrick (dir. Frank Capra)

food, carl sagan 

nyc bike(share) tales, evaluation and conclusion 

nyc bike(share) tales, pt 2 

nyc bike(share) tales 

nba takes, I have nowhere else to post these, sorry 

@Felthry if you know a bit of Python, there's a library here you can check out: I'm working on some web-based things for more general audiences, but it'll be a few months before they're available

@hirojin not sure if this is tongue in cheek or not, sorry—would it be helpful for me to cw in the future? (this kind of thing is pretty much the entirety of my practice...)

in related news I have learned how to add callbacks to buttons in jupyter notebook and am henceforth unstoppable (at least when it comes to making prototype interfaces)

evolving allison by incrementally adding noise to the hidden phonetic state of a phoneme-to-grapheme-to-phoneme model...

video games 

data xeriscaping (designing systems to work well with little or no data)

@apocheir from what I can gather, the main difference is that the first thing is good and the second thing is bad and you can pay AWS a monthly fee so that your bad thing is actually a good thing

@bcj today is somehow the first time this term crossed my path! it's pretty weird and bad

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