@ranjit i think that i shall never see / a poem as massive as

the correct answer here was "country" but duolingo, my friend, my love, i *would* one day like to visit a french-speaking hamburger

@everest this is a good idea! I know that McNally Jackson had one at some point, maybe still does? and it looks like there's one at Shakespeare and Co. now, hmm

@dmoonfire ah, ok. good to know how it works with them. thanks!

@dmoonfire I looked at IngramSpark but they seem *really* intent on "publishing" (to the point that "distribution" is the only sub-menu in their "How It Works" drop down) and I don't want to publish, I just want one physical copy of this one thing to see how it looks/feels. (i.e., I don't even want an ISBN) do you think they're okay for that use case?

academia, birdsite 

(very mildly annoyed that neither lulu nor blurb seem to support 5.25"x8", which feels like the Right Size for this project for me)

question: so I want to make a physical version of my weird gan book github.com/aparrish/word-gan-b

what's the best print-a-book-on-demand service for this kind of thing? (right now I just want to print one or two as prototypes, so it has to be a service with no minimum)

I'm aware of Lulu and Blurb but wondering if there are other choices.

(alternatively if you know of a publisher who might want to print this for real, lmk...)

english, oh my god 


(imagining multiple concentric circles like this—interpolation needs to be slower—also I need to learn how video compression works apparently)

@ben @cozykaffe sentences about lojban are always so weird and dorky and joyful

@mewo2 @ranjit oh, good catch. I think at this point I associate that kind of thing with conceptual art stunts but yes it should be rightly claimed and hoarded as poetry

@ranjit there are really only two algorithmic poems: Tristan Tzara's newspaper cut-up and Mad Libs. everything else is just variations on those

been working on a lot of fancy text language poetry generation stuff lately but it's so tough to beat the tried and true technique of "replace words with other words sharing the same part of speech"

heteronormativity, lewd-adjacent, immature, whatever, just clicking post 

heteronormativity, lewd-adjacent, immature, whatever, just clicking post 

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