(also I did not pick a great camera angle hahaha whoops)

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here's a recording of big ol' lecture I wrote & delivered for BMOLab and Vector Institute last month, entitled "Language Models and Poetics," in which I claim that computers not only *can* generate poetry, but in fact they can *only* generate poetry.


the discussion touches on GPT-n (of course), speech act theory, William Carlos Williams' _Spring and All_, Frank Lantz (twice), and more 🎶

(the audio didn't come out great, happy to supply text/slides to interested folks)

Selfie, ec 

@casey happy birthday casey!!

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boost from birdsite, nitter link, open source and Python documentation 

boosting https://nitter.net/choldgraf/status/1272633413132943360

We've been working on a Sphinx extension that lets you write Sphinx docs in 💯 markdown (incl. roles and directives).

We call it "MyST Markdown" (for "Markedly Structured Text").

Give it a shot, and please give feedback!


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getting an idea 

@callie @garbados yep kinda, e.g. storage.googleapis.com/magenta though they're training on a data set of musical notes. I bet you could use the same model to train on on arbitrary samples though

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research idea: a reading of Sixpence None The Richer's "Kiss Me" as a Christian alt-rock adaptation of the Han dynasty poem translated as "The Beautiful Toilet" by Ezra Pound:

Green, green,
The grass by the river bank,
Thick, thick,
The willow trees in the garden.
Sad, sad,
The lady in the tower.

(this is Arthur Waley's translation, published in "implied rebuke" to Pound's more, uh, inventive translation in _Cathay_, see Eric Hayot's "Critical Dreams" p. 520, jstor.org/stable/441950)

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i'm retiring an older collaborative project that never quite got off the ground... BUT in doing so we're releasing the tiles we drew for it into the creative commons. 281 free, hand-drawn isometric tiles, to use in your projects:


@doubleDensity @amsomniac all my formative online experiences were at 2400 baud and anything faster will always seem a bit uncanny to me in the back of my mind somewhere

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@selfsame I have a section for this kind of thing in many of my jupyter notebooks

@zigg I played it on ps4 so I must have had the rumble on, but don't remember the rumble being especially important? it is a rhythm game, though, so rumble will probably add to the experience

@nicknicknicknick I like Toot! since I set f.c to default incoming client posts as local only, I've only used the web client a handful of times

nba (uta/den), covid 

thinking about how I still don't even get to hug my friends right now but basketball players get to hug their rivals

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