looptober #4 

another little jazzy lsdj loop. unfortunately the emulator i'm using doesn't seem to play the noise channel correctly, so what sounds like hihats on my pocket comes out as... noise. i will try to fix this! or maybe I will need to record directly from my gameboy after all... (also my poor macbook air can't keep up 60fps on the emulator when the batteries are running out, so there are some hiccups in this recording. technology huh)

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looptober #3 

this is nothing musically speaking but it is the outcome of two important experiments: (1) getting lsdj to work in 5/4 time (very annoying) and (2) exporting from lsdj by backing up the rom data from my cart, and then recording an emulator's sound output using soundflower

@selfsame me opening developer tools to make the new york times headline read "allison is rad: experts"

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I once tried cooking ground chickpeas by pressing it in an iron. It turned out really bad. But you know what, it's not like I broke any rules.

It was an awful, lawful falafel waffle.


still learning lsdj. also trying to learn about jazz chord progressions, which I know nothing about! I thought I had a 1/8" cable somewhere, but apparently I don't, so this is still just recorded from my phone 🤷🏻‍♀️

@mousebot I would classify a handful of these as both hypertext and poetry rhizome.org/editorial/2021/dec plus there's j.r. carpenter's work, like luckysoap.com/thegatheringclou and then Judy Malloy people.well.com/user/jmalloy/l I would also classify Orteil's "Nested" as hypertext poetry orteil.dashnet.org/nested and Everest Pipkin's Soft Corruptor cordite.org.au/poetry/game/sof and taper magazine taper.badquar.to/ oh and maybe a bit on the prose/narrative side, but tsawac.itch.io/scents feels like poetry to me...

weaving (finished project), selfie ec 

finished my first project on my new table loom! this is a cotton/linen scarf (gist yarn storm and apricot) woven with a "scattered satin" pattern. no fancy math or tricks with this one, i just wanted to get more familiar with my new loom and also make something nice for myself 😎

teaching myself lsdj. i know trackers pretty well but this still took me like an hour haha

(recorded straight from my gameboy to my phone, if i stick with this i'll figure out a better setup)

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Here's an interesting read, “AI Data Laundering: How Academic and Nonprofit Researchers Shield Tech Companies from Accountability” by Andy Baio: https://waxy.org/2022/09/ai-data-laundering-how-academic-and-nonprofit-researchers-shield-tech-companies-from-accountability/

ok i figured out how to spell it 

@casey i did at first assume you were making a pun on the name of some egyptian diety

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in the future we won't take photos we'll just write down a prompt "family christmas Unreal engine 4k trending on Artstation" we'll say

@Lore whoa. that looks like a sigil for a nasty demon haha

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i don't care about the summer olympics or the winter olympics. give me the autumn olympics. i want to see teams from different countries compete in Corn Maze. i want to see who podiums in Jack-o'-lanterns. i wanna see a bunch of track suits with skeleton motifs. i want to represent my country in Haunted House

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