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brazen useless francophilia 

brazen useless francophilia 

brazen useless francophilia 

musing about money/fundraising, open source projects 

musing about money/fundraising, open source projects 

Legendary Apollo project programmer Margaret Hamilton, next to a printout of weirdo tech bro replies to her posts

(I prefer to think that tactical information encoding/decoding is sort of a peripheral specialist use of language, that instead its use as a way of performing social actions is much more primary)

(I just think that Heritage quote is really pithy and useful, especially in dispelling the notion—which seems to be common in, say, natural language processing and computation/software in general—that verbal behavior is just tactical information encoding/exchange/decoding between two individuals)

from Wooffitt, Robin. The Language of Mediums and Psychics: The Social Organization of Everyday Miracles. Ashgate, 2006, p. 48.

"One of the most distinctive features of [conversation analysis] is that interaction is viewed as a domain of activity in its own right. Interactional practices are regarded as exhibiting an order which is not reducible to the psychological idiosyncrasies of the speakers, nor... macro-sociological variables such as class structure and power relations. As Heritage puts it, ‘the institution of interaction largely antedates the characteristics of those who staff it’"

If MoMA bans my ass for shouting "MY KID COULD DO THAT" at a Rothko, I will look right at Mr Lowry and walk backwards into damnation

please CW politics. it’s 8 am here and one scroll down the tl and i already feel like shit

#ThoughtWorks, a global software consultancy with an arts residency based in #NYC is partnering with and their groundbreaking volumetric video software #Depthkit to offer a funded artist residency focusing on volumetric #filmmaking technology.

Apply here:

#ThoughtWorksArts #residency

I have FINALLY FOR REAL fixed the issue where my RSS-to-ActivityPub converter wasn't sending posts to Pleroma instances in the correct format. I have rectified that. And this time I have an actual test Pleroma instance on which I've confirmed it working. Once again, here is that tool, which is now Mastodon and Pleroma compatible!

I have also updated my ExpressJS ActivityPub server for compatibility:

(also because it's a bounded task that won't take very long; also because it will result in an artifact potentially useful to me and others)

I think I have an idea for national poetry month: a daily livestream of me retyping William Carlos William's _Spring and All_ (which has recently entered into the public domain in the US) 3 pages at a time

(why? because it's a favorite of mine and I want to understand better how it works; Stein writes that "I always say that you cannot tell what a picture really is or what an object really is until you dust it every day and you cannot tell what a book is until you type it or proof-read it.")

most common 100 words in paper titles from my zotero. something weirdly comforting about how on brand this list is I guess

(I couldn't figure out how to actually export this list from zotero, so I had to screenshot it and pass it through tesseract; I'm just now noticing that it says "general-mi," that's supposed to be "general-ml" as in "machine learning")

for my first post on this friend camp account, an autobiography in the form of a list of collections (52!) in my zotero. many of these are directly related to particular projects, a few of them are really intertwined (e.g. nonsense, poetic-sound-similarity-symbolism, sound-poetry, computational-phonology), some are pre-emptive shots in the dark about future directions of research that might not actually pan out ("christianity" only has one entry right now)

Friend Camp

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