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can't tell if the day before a big talk is a good or bad time to find a fred moten paper that rips your worldview to shreds

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(to anthropomorphize a bit: looking at Zukofsky's incredibly rich poem the model seems to understand "this is a poem without a lot of punctuation, probably about trees or some shit?" which, you know, fair I guess. but I would not call the resulting regression-toward-the-mean "completion" in any sense)

inspired by using to "complete" the epigraph to Zukofsky's _80 Flowers_ (in bold, prediction from the model follows). it's difficult for me to look at this and think that models like GPT-2, no matter the number of parameters used or heat generated, capture even the first thing about language and the ways we use it

giving the name "completion" to the act of suggesting the next word(s) in a text with a statistical model is more than a little sinister—implies that making a text more closely adhere to the model's predictions is in fact making the text "whole"—makes me think again of that Kristeva quote on how poetry "parades as language while overflowing, through heterogeneous practices, the borders of signification" ("overflowing" rather than "filling," "fill" being the English cognate w/-plete in complete)

the reading went great! thank you to everyone who attended! (I hope there was at least one or two fediverse folks in the crowd...)

reminder that the performance/reading event for the class I teach on computational creative writing at NYU is tonight (7pm in Manhattan) specifically designed to appeal to the perhaps narrow but always amazing intersection of "people interested in computation" and "people interested in the literary arts." and, uh, in this case, "people who are in NYC and able to attend tonight." but if you're in that intersection, I tell you what, this event is FOR YOU

hmm, 'No results found for "memento dōbutsu no mori".'

genuinely considering dropping out of my current life to write a phd thesis on the use of lettering and motion typography in _Tuca and Bertie_

I'm at in Portland, OR, and just saw a good talk about basic bash commands that you can use to clean up data sets, ideally line-based, well formatted data like CSVs or log files. I didn't know about the `cut` and `tr` commands!

$ echo "MyCity,MyState,IWant:TheThingAfterTheColon,MyCountry" | cut -d',' -f3 | cut -d':' -f2

--> TheThingAfterTheColon

Here's the full talk with all the example bash commands.

“AirPods were destined to become e-waste from the moment they were manufactured. And AirPods become e-waste after just eighteen months, when the irreplaceable lithium ion battery dies.”

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there'll be a reading/performance event for my computer-generated poetry class at NYU this thursday: it's at 721 Broadway in Manhattan, 7pm, free admission. I'm really excited about the work and the students this semester—if you're in NYC I hope you can be there!

artifact from showing my computer poetry students how to use HTML as a rudimentary visual layout tool last thursday

I... can't believe this cover of (what is apparently) the quarterly e-magazine for my pet insurance is real and not some kind of absurdist parody

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