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Runway is a desktop application that makes it easy to use pre-trained machine learning models on your computer, even if you don't consider yourself a "coder" or whatever: it was made by a group of my former students and it's pretty good, I recommend giving it a try if you're interested in creative applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence

I wrote up my experience of being a "Something in Residence" at Runway this summer: includes stuff about sentence encoding, variational autoencoders, computer-generated poetry, etc. etc. etc.

nyc tree opinion 

nyc tree opinion 

bot idea: take this graphic of The Hero's Journey from wikipedia and replace all of the labels with random bits of text

imagining a group of people really anxious about the uniqueness of human language deciding to have regular meetings in which they tell their nectar stories and make nectar plans, just to show the bees who's got the big brains around here

(I can't tell if this quote sounds profound but is actually mundane, or if it sounds mundane but is actually profound)

"Bees do not regale one another with reminiscences of the nectar they found last week, nor discuss together the nectar they might find tomorrow."—Harris, The Language Myth, p. 158. (quoted in Toolan's _Narrative: A Critical Linguistic Introduction_, p. 6)

joy of digital books 

joy of digital books 

Tom Clancy's Railroad Soccer: The Dark Dead: The Fires in Mario

unpopular nyc opinion 

someone in the ravine area of prospect park is playing the recorder and i'm here for it (recordist not pictured bc i assume they are an invisible forest sylph)

transit complaints! 

implied lewd 

on cartomancy and the hermeneutics of randomness:

"Sophie's hard first question to the cards had not, precisely, gone without an answer, it had been transmuted into questions about the question. It had branched and rooted like a tree, growing questions like buds, and then at some moment all of the questions had become one question: what tree is this?"

—_Little, Big_, p. 250

Worf: it is tradition to drink pumpkin spice at the turn of the season
Jadzia: I think it's great that Worf is enjoying non-klingon things
O'Brien: but it's not even fall yet!
Sisko: maybe a little pumpkin spice is just what this station needs
Kira: what the hell is a pumpkin

gmail auto-linked "2000-2500" in an incoming email (in the context of a desired word count for an article) and i tapped it genuinely wondering what app it would open (i guessed calendar, was actually phone)

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