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(for scale, the text is 12pt and the "blocks" of text are about 4" on a side. so, uh, pretty small prints)

polymer plate and proof that i got from boxcar press today, using images generated from the GAN I trained on bitmaps of words (taking this to the letterpress in a few days to make some prints!)

Once more for the people in the back:

Put content warnings on your politics posts. I come to Mastodon specifically to avoid the horrible things in the news.

I don't care how urgently you want me to see it. In fact, adding a content warning will make me *more* likely to care, because it will give me time to brace myself.

(aaaand now I'm trying to imagine the Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge's careful taxonomy of kinds of opposition)

from Eco's _The Search for the Perfect Language_, pp. 252–253. the consideration of Wilkins in question is from _An Essay Towards a Real Character, and a Philosophical Language_ (, maybe best known for how Borges compared it to the Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge ("those that tremble as if they were mad," "embalmed ones"). (a helpful quote to have around as a reminder that semantic relations between words, such as "opposite," are conventional and arbitrary)

the quote: "Wilkins considered... equivalent different kinds of pseudo-opposition as they appear in natural languages, which can work by antonymy (good/evil), by complementarity (husband/wife), by conversity (buy/sell), by relativity (over/under, bigger/smaller), by temporal gradation (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday), by quantitative gradation (centimetre/metre/kilometre), by antipodality (north/south), by orthogonality (north-east/south-east), or by vectorial conversity (depart/arrive)."

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I generally don't get into the hype about apple product launches but I just bought a Cosmic Crisp and it is in fact pretty good.

spending my new year's eve like I always do: smugly reassuring myself that calendar time is purely arbitrary and conventional in order to avoid being subject its obvious affordance as a means to be introspective about my feelings and behavior over a given period 👍​🗓️​


fire emblem-style basketball-themed turn-based srpg slash dating sim whennn

For the last few years, I've been enthralled by the Sunsphere, a big golden spherical tower in Knoxville, Tennessee that is one of the last standing pieces of the 1982 World's Fair. I'm also super fascinated by the fact that Knoxville had a World's Fair and all the things that had to happen to make that a thing. I'm funneling all my weird Sunsphere energy into an occasional newsletter and I'm sending out the first one on New Years Day. Please join me, if you'd like.

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old DS games 

old DS games 

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