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overthinking... the duck tales theme song 

the way that the songwriters broke up this clause over the count in the ducktales theme song is really brilliant imo

tales of derring-
do, bad and good
luck tales

elsewhere in the song (as is the "default" I think in English-language lyrics), measure boundaries more or less line up with syntactic constituents. but here the measure boundaries break up a word (derring-/do) AND a strongly collocative adjective sequence embedded in a noun phrase (good/luck)

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highly recommend instances looking to build community migrate to Hometown, which enables local-only posting.

(honestly closing tabs is an extremely productive undertaking for me, because that's when I actually triage articles for reading, take notes and copy quotes from things I have read, annotate and save jupyter notebooks, add cfps to my calendar, etc. so it's always time well spent)

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I need something like Kyle McDonald's Inbox Zero Residency except for closing browser tabs

star trek, video games 

every time there's a scene in ds9 where they're taking cover behind barrels or crates or conveniently human-sized rocks, I think to myself "god I want to play through the mass effect trilogy again"

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On Scraping Mastodon:

If they hadn't misunderstood the difference between a name of a field and the social and cultural implications of it's usage, this paper wouldn't have been written.

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Hey, I'm starting a newsletter! If you want to subscribe in advance, that's a thing you can do. First edition later this week:

tech world curmudgeonry 

the world of static web site generation is now so complicated that there is a commercial cloud-based CMS... for static web site generators

(to be clear, the utility of this tool is very obvious and it seems like it's well worth the money—I'm just getting overwhelmed at the thought of having to explain the operation of this whole workflow to a beginner)

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trans, wages for transition 

“The GP whom we persuade to refer us to the Gender Identity Clinic is paid to be educated by us, but we are not paid as teachers. For two years we sustain our wounded selves and each other as we wait to be seen, but we are not paid as care workers. When we finally meet the GIC psychiatrist, we must rehearse and perform in the theatre of their office a plausible enough history to be deemed worthy of treatment, but we are not paid as actors.”

... which for me calls to mind the way that computational representations of language (spoken, written or signed) often try to overwrite the multidimensional & embodied nature of language with one-dimensional abstractions that reduce all language to a list of symbols

(note that I really don't know the first thing about ASL, I'm just thinking & trying to educate myself out loud here)

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here's (apparently) the most well-known asl translation of jabberwocky, btw and it is AMAZING and an essay about it which points out that "[a]s deaf education grew in 17th and 18th century Europe, the rational structure of the spoken and written word supplanted gestural expressions [...] such developments were not limited to sign languages, as numerous bourgeois societies developed taboos against excessive gesturing during speech"

was looking for asl translations of "jabberwocky" on youtube and got recommended this lecture by Clayton Valli on ASL poetry, which turned out to be quite informative and moving, recommended!

is allison going to just sit here posting youtube videos of industrial nut crackers all day? no but i sorta wish i could!

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youtube link, nut crackers 

in every respect—sound, performance, drama—this is more compelling than any production of the nutcracker ballet i've ever seen or heard of

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youtube link, futurism joke 

if Luigi Russolo had composed The Nutcracker

(the thing that is tripping me out about this is that I'm using the same micron 03 that I use to take notes so it LOOKS to me like something I drew by hand??)

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I think what I'm trying to do here are visualizations that appear "asemic" but that actually encode information about the text—the idea with this one is that you can actually see visual similarities between marks for words that sound similar—you can sorta see this in the end rhymes and in e.g. the "o frabjous day calloo callay" line (sixth from bottom)

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one more quick experiment: this is Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky" with each word "spelled" out using a visualization of the dimensions of the hidden state of a phoneme-to-grapheme model

(in particular, Pincelate's model, passed through PCA in order to reduce from 256 to 32 dimensions—I resized the length of the squiggle based on the number of phonemes in the word being spelled)

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I'm pretty sure the big spike at 10 o'clock is the dimension in the glove vector that is more or less associated with the frequency of the word. so when I do this with typical english language text, most of the words have that big spike

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