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I have determined that there are no fewer than ninety million different 2d drawing libraries for Python and nearly all of them are almost but not quite entirely unsuited for creative coding

Are your kids texting about texting?

SMS - short message service
GSM - global system for mobiles
CDMA - code division multiple access
TMDA - time division multiple access
SIM - subscriber identity module
GPRS - general packet radio service
BTS - base transceiver station

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other notes to self while I'm here: it helps to adjust the pen_pos_down parameter gradually with a test run (since it's so hard to position the pen precisely in the holder)—even just a delta of 1 or 2 makes a huge difference. also I'd like to do these much denser and with a darker ink and on good paper

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(the other experiment here was seeing if changing the proportion of figures like this so they're taller than they are wide—and drawing them in something other than a strict grid—would make it seem less like an orientalist riff on chinese calligraphy. and the answer is... no, it does not! so back to the drawing board on that point I guess)

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another afternoon study with the axidraw: two-tone asemic glyphs with brush pens. (glyphs are generated by connecting points sampled from a normal distribution with catmull-rom splines.) discovered you can get surprisingly expressive brush strokes by setting the pen_delay_down and pen_delay_up parameters to negative values, so it starts moving vertically before it's done moving horizontally. (actually brush pens are 100% unusable *unless* you do this)

another attempt (just a preview, not plotted)—again, applying simplex noise to the x/y coordinates of the vectors in the text. each layer passes a slightly different parameter to the z dimension of the simplex noise. will probably stop by the art supply store tomorrow and buy one of those really, really fine micron pens

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actually not happy with any aspect of this, haha, but that's what makes a successful prototype. I'm using simplex noise to modify the shapes, but I jacked up the granularity (?) because the "smoother" version (attached) feels a bit too... I dunno, design-ey? plus the idea of layers of illegible text "merging" to form legible text feels too "magic eye" for my taste. plus this was extremely the wrong pen for this. enh, I'll figure it out

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The Smithsonian announced today that they have released 2.8 million images into the public domain (CC0 license). In celebration of this I made a bot you can follow that will post one random image from the set every 8 hours:


For more on the imageset, see here:

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!!Con is a fantastic conference about how computer programming is joyful and strange—their call for talks and talk-like things is open!

(the conference is in NYC but they cover travel expenses for speakers)

ANYWAY, what I was actually trying to make—draft version from earlier today when I was trying out (unsuccessfully to my eye) using a brush pen; later version (after I fixed the DPI bug) using the micron 08 on darker paper

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actually to be more specific: the library doesn't add a viewBox attribute to the svg tag, so AxiDraw defaults to interpreting the units inside the SVG as pixels. if I add a viewBox manually (that equals the width and height of the document), then everything works!

(to me it seems like a better default behavior for Axidraw would be to assume a viewBox of "0 0 <width> <height>" if a viewBox isn't specified but I'm sure they had their reasons?)

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