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Friendly reminder that my department, the Georgia Tech School of Interactive Computing, is hiring Tenure Track faculty:

▶︎ AI and ML
▷ Theory
▷ Computer vision
▷ Natural language processing
▶︎ Social computing
▶︎ Social justice, ethics, fairness
▶︎ Data visualization
▶︎ Sustainability
▶︎ Augmented and Virtual Reality

Deadline: December 1

Happy to talk about why I love my department. DMs are open.

#AI #ML #NLP #NLProc #jobs


some bros in a game preview thread on the NBA message board I frequent are having a very honest and open discussion about which member of the Utah Jazz they would want to go on a date with and it is very wholesome

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Fedi stats 

Wow. Stats on federated events consumed by our server this week:

Nov 3-5: 280k events each day
Nov 6: 410k events
Nov 7: 764k events
Nov 8 (which is not even over yet): 1.7 million events

This is a sustained increase over the course of about a week. I have never seen anything like it. Usually what we see in an influx is a one or two day bump and then dropoff. I have never seen a week of solid rampup before. This feels very different.

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supply chain, hobby electronics lol 

in the period of time it took for me to design a PCB and get the PCB back from OSH Park, the chip that I designed the PCB around has gone out of stock everywhere with a lead time of like 50 weeks 🤷🏻‍♀️ I could order it from LCSC overseas, but with their shipping charges, it would probably be cheaper and faster to order the adafruit breakout board that uses the same chip and harvest the chip from the breakout board

strange how, owing to the acts of government chronomancers, my class that commenced its weekly meetings during the day must now convene only under cover of night


(the cloth is actually three panels that i joined with a ladder stitch. planning to use this to make a pillow case for a throw pillow)

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here's some cloth i just finished weaving using a ball of "thrums" i've been keeping for the past year or so. "thrums" are the bits of yarn at the start and end of the warp that you can't usually weave because they're tied on or too far from the heddles—one way to reuse them is to tie them together and use them for weft in another project, like this. the warp for this cloth is the last bits of a bunch of cones i had sitting around, woven with a "progressive" twill (1/3, 2/2, 3/1, 2/2...)

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"A Letter Groove" for #nanogenmo this year: a program to produce images in the style of artists' books, given an #iiif manifest to a manuscript.

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I'm closing registration temporarily on because it's overloaded and my work schedule won't permit me to be available for BookWyrm stuff.

But don't be sad, there are a bunch of lovely instances that are not absolutely slammed at the moment! Consider trying one of them:

And consider supporting BookWyrm on Patreon:

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all of this handwringing about user@server being too complex for people just feels like aol screen names and keywords all over again.

that perception of simplicity for the lay user is a direct consequence of an entrenched power distorting reality for its own benefit.

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imagine deciding which engineers to keep around based on lines of code and choosing to keep the ones who wrote the MOST

I have posted a very detailed write-up of my Game Boy Pocket SP mod, including details on design process and fabrication. I also included instructions on how to replicate the build yourself!

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Google developed a new text editor that allows you to steer a story by asking questions ("tell me more about the fairy's day job") and got 13 well-known writers (Robin Sloane, Allison Parish, etc) to write a book of short stories with it. Stories and model demo:

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Been here since 2017 and one of the best parts of Fedi is how fucking resistant it has been to monetization and being made "respectable"

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Celebrated National Novel Generation Month by outsourcing my novel generation to the Singularity: #nanogenmo

ovid's metamorphoses
spooky scary
boys becoming trees
men becoming birds

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