"horse" is something that doesnt really exist. just say "big dog" and get on with it.

fucked up that being "emotionally stunted" doesn't mean doing cool motorcycle tricks with your emotions

they're called posts because once I've excised the thought I don't need to consider it ever again

they're called toots because I just fart them out

basically, I would describe my goals in life as finding a ghost on a dark night and being so scared my hair all turns white

sometimes the best replies are the ones you delete before sending

federating exactly one shitpost a week so as to develop an incredible mystique that absolutely does not hold for anyone who sees my hundreds of other posts each day

here is my Billion Dollar Disrupt The Virtual Hangouts Industry idea: Discord voicechats should have proximity-based audio and 2d positioning for participants, so you can organically create "convo circles" but still hear all people in the room faintly. Like a real party, yknow.

ok, but that said I should really look into what folks are doing with mastodon bots. I miss twitter bots, that exodus made twitter a much less joyful place

I have people on other instances that I follow and occasionally talk with but “you should make your posts visible so that a bunch of people I’ve never met before and have no connection to can reply” sounds terrible. Why recreate the worst aspects of twitter?

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