🕵️‍♂️ Put a "the feds" icon in all your federated post to let people know that anyone could be listening in

@tripofmice @mouse hi mouse. hi mouse. I remembered to federate this time

me, looking at someone who has chosen the Anti-Capitalist Software License for a project: Wow, i bet they just never considered a license and that's why they're not using the GPL

kicked off of mastodon for insisting it's called the fediverse because everyone on it is a cop

twitter's down because jack needs the servers to mine bitcoin

Hi, this is a private account. I only accept follow requests if I know you or you're on the same instance as me. Have a nice day

a more nuanced take: as a blunt instrument of the spread of neoliberalism google can only understand buildings as places of commerce and the people who frequent to the buildings as consumers. the neoliberal consumer exercises agency primarily through commercial decisions and communicating such decisions to other consumers. "voting with your dollars" takes the place of political action and "leaving reviews" takes the place of accountability and political organization.

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in google's effort to slurp the world and normalize away all nuance, the Kaaba becomes a "Building in Mecca" and it has a rating like every other building on the planet, amazing

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