Don't know why people keep asking the jojo creator questions answered by his "I like tongues a normal human amount" shirt

My theory: Hirohiko Araki has a tongue fetish because tongues play such an important role in exposition

@courtney you may want to scroll up and read these two important toots

@deathsatchel no, though I know what you are talking about. I was going to wait until I got to it but there were like 3 things in the 2 episodes I saw today

@bcj oh I saw them — however it’s impossible to know what part of jojo you’re at because this is all of jojo

@courtney fair. Jojo just dealt with the Mexican Pillar Man. That episode was tongues about between the nazi assassin, a random nazi guard, + the nazi commander who blew himself up.

I mean, it has always been true, and I'm not at the specific tongue part several people thought I was at, but it was a big tongue episode for Jojo nonetheless

@bcj Aaaaah yes Santana...we have a lot of headcanons about Santana on the show.

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