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I think we should talk more often about layers of gender. I don't generally buy models of gender that talk about it as a property of some inner being. And with the social construction and negotiation of gender comes the opportunity for gender code switching and overlapping genders in different gender systems. Trying to condense these experiences into a single label, in which they have to compete is conceptual violence.

@casey man city on the other hand is made by machines

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@aparrish #2, but put a comment at the top that says "if you copy this again, make a package this time"

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so doordash does predatory pricing and opens accounts for restaurants that haven't asked for anything, reselling the food for less than they pay for it (reasoning being that right now they just burn investors' money, and when they're the only ones on the market they'll raise the prices).

A person on HN has exploited that to get free meals to homeless people and make a little money off doordash

guess what HN has to say about it

@darius yeah, me and my friends used the social features heavily. IMO Reader was dead when they pushed that to Google+ not when they turned it off completely

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