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Me, throwing away all my clothes: Marie Kondo

Me, shaving off my eyebrows: Marie Kondo

Me, driving my car into a lake: Marie Kondo!

Me, burning down a prison: MARIE KONDO

sometimes I feel we're under-appreciative that we're living in a universe where dogs can learn to skateboard

gonna watch wheels on meals. A movie I don't really remember with a title that is incomprehensible

a thing I miss from twitter is being able to easily find and old posts to self-RT until people give in and decide they're good actually

hell yeah, everyone loves extreme cold warnings

unsolved problem: 

I just watched a woman upgrade her sewing machine with a toilet repair kit. Techbros think they're hot shit hackers but they ain't got shit on seamstresses.

just had a really dumb idea, and a reason to try out glitch. more on this if I ever learn to do web audio stuff


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