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We really need to convince people at tapbots to start using mastodon so that they add mastodon support to tweetbot

I could probably just watch more anime movies next month too. That's probably legal

Weighing the effort of getting in an actual discussion on anarchism with coworkers

please cw all your toots that i don't care about

Looking forward to the beautiful future where these perfect algorithms take over for us

2 weird things about masto polls 


🎶Nose that sticks out🎶

🎶This is a thing that I post about🎶

Autocorrect preferred ‘soft-licking’ and that is certainly worse in the context of chess

Can’t tell if I think stalemate-as-draw in chess is worse or better if I consider it soft-locking the game

showed a bunch of restraint in packing 


Having a personality is not a personality.

dog update 

Spending some time thinking about defunct bands I would like to make new music

using a pre-usb-c mac 

A fox knows many things, but
Swiper knows swiping

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