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Perhaps if I reread this email enough times, it will send itself out of boredom

For the purposes of this exercise let us imagine a procession of Umberlands, beginning with the 1st Umberland, followed by the 2nd Umberland, extending to an arbitrary Umberland we shall call the

*slaps roof of a concert* this bad boy can fit so many lots of cute boys in it

Today's gender is a patient, murderous selkie.

Inside you there are two princes: one has diamonds in his pockets, and one wants to buy you rockets. The one who wins is the one you marry.

Somebody once told me
There's a statue in the Gobi
That's mostly gone from over the knees
Visage lying in the sand
With a sneer of cold command
Cuz the sculptor knew how to please

Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming
Empires falling and statues crumbling
Check out the words he left behind
On the statue in the desert that nobody can find:

SOMEbody once asked me
To go see Pagliacci
To cure whatever's getting me down
Then I burst into tears despite laughter and the cheers
I am the famous traveling clown

Queer Eye but it's five minute nows saving us hours later

food, travel (-) 





I just mixed up "Outlook" and "Overwatch" so er I think it might be bedtime for Cadi

🎶​ I want so badly to believe that there is truth that love is reeeal 🎶​



🎶​ She's on fire, like no-one else can get me higher 🎶​

404 - 264 okay yeah I guess he's the winner, in a very real sense

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