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i look basically the same as I did two years ago (left) but I feel ten thousand times hotter today (right). love 2 build self-esteem ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿญ

Text: Black Trans Lives Matter
Courtney is a black trans woman. HIV POSITIVE looking for donations on rent, transportation, food and other resources.

Venmo: Sexiliyah07
Google Pay:

#boost #donate #blm

mtga strixhaven brag 

i entered a sealed draft, built a witherbloom deck, and did really well! seven wins / one loss! i like this set. lots of wacky mechanics with playing cards in a certain order that tingles my inner tactician

I want scifi films in which there is a vibrant, detailed, complex universe with plenty of background lore, but is about, say, a teenage girl finding her lost cat, or a group of socially awkward queers starting a band, or middle aged single homos finding love, or a pair of friends (one human and one alien) going on a camping trip where nothing bad happens.

how come wrestlers all got names like "skull hex" and "lumbering joe" and "pustulent murderess". how come no wrestler's just named like "phillip glass"

autism, self-diagnosis 

every time I read an autistic person's post about their experiences I diagnose myself a little more

How to make your own chemical weapons wipes 

Rosehip Medics in Portland OR documented their recipe and assembly process for their DIY chem wipes (for treating tear gas & pepper spray), you can download the pdf here:

Stay safe!

We know it, because we have had to learn it. We know that there is no help for us but from one another, that no hand will save us if we do not reach out our hand. And the hand that you reach out is empty, as mine is. You have nothing. You possess nothing. You own nothing. You are free. All you have is what you are, and what you give."

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ComDB now uses the advanced crypto standards implemented by TweetNaCl to keep your data nice and opaque.

ComDB is an encryption plugin for PouchDB that symmetrically encrypts your data without complicating reads, writes, queries, or other interactions.

"oh is that your pet crow?"
*crow gets mad, whining grimly*
"oh, no. no this is a wild crow."
"then how come it sits on your shoulder?"
*the crow and i meet eyes briefly. the crow gluks dismissively*
"it's a long story"

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Friend Camp has about 50 active users and I just noticed we have more than half a million posts here since August 2018! I mean that's 11 a day per person on average but still. That seems wild to me.

Last I checked something like 75% of our posts are unfederated. That's still 125 thousand posts sent to the fediverse. I think local-only posting increases the vitality of community, increasing the volume of overall activity, and contributing more to the fediverse than a less vital instance would.

vanity, selfie, eye contact 

i love curly hair days because i get to see this really hot bitch every time i wash my hands

software managers everywhere are hunting for the mythical man-moth. if you see him please tell him he'll be safe at my place

birds in your area looking for a good time (peanuts)

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