I wrote up the 'Draw pictures with code(and make them move)' workshop from a couple of weeks ago, now in the Solarpunk Magic Computer Club zine collection!

You can write a sweet little animated sunset scene from scratch, no experience required :) solarpunk.cool/zines/draw-with


Also check out Zach & Angelica's amazing and poetic exploration of the command line in their new zine (also based on a SMCC workshop)


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this weekend on SMCC, "Shared hearts, shared world, shared server: We’ll learn about SSH keys and how you can travel to remote places with just a special key ring, like yr Howl in a phosphorescent green moving castle. (cos yr castle is the command line)"

As always, prior tech experience is not required and is in many ways a hindrance! It will help to have some familiarity with the command line, though. (so maybe check out the zine above ☝️)


This tutorial was super awesome!

Weird, enthusiastic, useful, what's not to love?

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