Solarpunk Magic Computer Club is starting in 10mins!

his week, 'Pixel Flow': Angelica makes a lot of cool art and zines using nothing but free software. So this week is going to be going through pixel art software, and lisp zine templates, and furry-funded photoshop alternatives, and weird shell scripts, and MORE!

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@cameralibre hi, I saw this 19h too late. Also, the NZ time zone is not very compatible with where I am. Is there any chance of this being recorded?

@wendy oh, sorry I missed this reply - I know how you feel! I miss 90% of online events due to being in NZ's awkward timezone...

I don't think we're likely to start recording SMCC, we quite like the intimacy of just 'who's in the room', even if it's only really accessible to Asia/Pacific/Americas. But sometimes we make digital zines out of particular sessions - I'll let you know if Angelica decides to publish one about this topic!

@cameralibre hey, Sam, I totally get the ephemeral nature of the gathering. I really liked the waving pixelated yoga cat visual, mesmerising, so my tool imagination was definitely on! I teach arts students & use floss, so I'm always interested in work flows, as it's all a more fragmented tool universe. So, lists, zines.. Bring them on ✨💫👈🤘👌👉

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