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A downtick in cases! It's been in the 80s the last couple of days, 53 today.
The nationwide lockdown has been going almost two weeks and seems to be working pretty well—most new cases are in isolation already, there's very little community spread... re-elimination seems feasible. The prime minister has a treat for everyone for being so well-behaved: from Wednesday we're allowed takeout! 🍔️🍟️

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hmm, update on this situation: we had another month of ticking along with 10-30 cases per day in Auckland, (which has been in level 4 - full lockdown - and shut off from the rest of us) while other parts of NZ were at level 2. Now the government have basically given up on elimination - the white folks are vaxxed now, while Pasifika, Māori and the poor are bearing the brunt of the current outbreak, and have much lower vaccination levels.


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so it's been a good year and a half but it looks like we're finally getting COVID like everybody else 😷

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