continued bad experiences with media 

I know that you can get better results from media with the right strategies and preparation but it's so frustrating.

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continued bad experiences with media 

Anyway the first article about it is mostly just about how the target of the jokes is apparently having a good ol' chuckle. It uses exactly the same shitty pro-real estate language that the NZ media always uses and makes a shit living situation a personal failure, not a societal one.

Eg. there's no way that Mix said 'we all have friends who have not managed to get on the ladder'

Plus there's no link to the actual website 🤦️

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continued bad experiences with media 

It's parody of, whose smug billboards are plastered on every block in Wellington (in a housing crisis pricing renters and buyers out of the city or into deeply shitty situations)

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continued bad experiences with media 

I made a 'the real estate industry is gross' meme generator with some friends, which went low-key New Zealand viral (that's when some of the people posting about it are not known to you personally, or if engagement is skyrocketing into the high dozens)

star trek picard, Wikipedia 'vandalism' 

I mean, this specific case of handsome british sci-fi doctor confusion _is_ what brought me to this page, so thanks, I guess

As someone who regularly gets image files all tangled up in my git repos... where has this been all my life?

@helveticablanc awesome, congratulations! there's so much fun to be had :) My friends made a lovely zine about the command line: also here's a useful CLI color tool to play with:

Australian bureaucratic drama + 

In these trying times, it's refreshing to just sit back and watch a bunch of complete arseholes (Scomo, the ABF, Novak Djokovic) have a good ol' shitfight.

@darius that was two days ago and my bag and I are still pretty aromatic

First outdoor grill of the summer today! And the city is covered in bright red Pohutukawa flowers. So nice.
Still a wee way off the ocean being warm enough to swim comfortably though...

@rozina @praxeology @stampirl here's a good place to start: Blender Grease Pencil is a fantastic example of a different kind of tool producing a different kind of artwork than Adobe can create.

nz, covid- 

so it's been a good year and a half but it looks like we're finally getting COVID like everybody else 😷

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