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Wanted to see if there were updates on RMS & FSF debacle, got a satisfying search result

NZ, stupid backwater country 

No thanks, we like our racist laws

Today it was 'looks like somebody's hungry' (he just ate) and 'you should put a warmer hat on that baby, they lose all their heat out their heads you know' [mimes high-pressure venting baby]

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Thank you, old ladies of the local shops, for your consistently shitty unsolicited parenting advice. We'll be fine.

Community-coined money! Radical money sharing transparency! Walkaway-inspired fiction! Rust in Javascript?? Pub operator advisories! Grassroots Work proposals! Returning friends! The Scuttlebutt community has got it all

Solarpunk Magic Computer Club is starting in 10mins!

his week, 'Pixel Flow': Angelica makes a lot of cool art and zines using nothing but free software. So this week is going to be going through pixel art software, and lisp zine templates, and furry-funded photoshop alternatives, and weird shell scripts, and MORE!

this weekend on SMCC, "Shared hearts, shared world, shared server: We’ll learn about SSH keys and how you can travel to remote places with just a special key ring, like yr Howl in a phosphorescent green moving castle. (cos yr castle is the command line)"

As always, prior tech experience is not required and is in many ways a hindrance! It will help to have some familiarity with the command line, though. (so maybe check out the zine above ☝️)

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Also check out Zach & Angelica's amazing and poetic exploration of the command line in their new zine (also based on a SMCC workshop)

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I wrote up the 'Draw pictures with code(and make them move)' workshop from a couple of weeks ago, now in the Solarpunk Magic Computer Club zine collection!

You can write a sweet little animated sunset scene from scratch, no experience required :)

Anyone on the fediverse in ?

Come along to my friend Emmi's talk tonight!

Digital Antifascism: Data Science against White Supremacy

My local café has this glorious book from 1952, 'By Space Ship To The Moon', which lays out all the different technology which needs to be invented (in detail)

eg. orbital rockets, space suits, space station, moon rovers, lunar landers... with beautiful illustrations throughout.

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