Glad I can interrupt my spouse reading Kurt Vonnegut’s Hocus Pocus in bed by loudly asking Austin Powers lore questions

I think the only true time I liked birdsite was when it turned out the PM put his member in a pig mouth

I made the mistake of mentioning to a writer that the seventh season of buffy has an evil preacher character they were looking for as a template and now I have to watch it RIP

VILLAIN: i will now electrocute your meat until you die, mr bond.

JAMES BOND: oh fuck yea, i mean No. Dont.

just remembering every rude thing a game publisher has said to me about my work that was definitely not true and getting deeply incensed

jock is probably more of a lore character and yet I still think his pet reggie and he are very important

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I just found out there is a bar at Disney world that is themed after Jock from Indiana Jones and got weirdly excited. I forgot what it felt like to be part of a fandom for a bit

Sorry if u requested a follow and waited ages to be added I forgot that people might ever want to talk to me or see my posts

the social capital u get for posting on birdsite always felt like getting goop on u. sticky, unpleasant, a mess

A Mary Sue may still have an interesting and relatable story. Most action movies are just male Mary Sues. I don’t want to hear this term again for the rest of my life

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Tired of ppl saying a character is a ‘Mary sue’ when what they mean is that the story the character had was boring. Just say that they are boring. It’s not a Mary sue you are just bored with their treatment

So here's the thing. You can only violate people's legal rights and your own word so far before they lawyer up and come after you.

I really do hope Musk changes his mind and does the right thing - the employees deserve that. But it'll be fun as hell if he doesn't.

for a car city no one in LA knows what indicators are or where they are located or that they actually have to use them every turn

As a Jew I'm happy to not have been around the birdsite today with the imagery Ye was posting that Elon endorsed and allowed to remain on platform. The argument to stick around that place and not ‘cede digital ground’ will age as well as the folks saying Elon is doing it all on purpose to rebuild and come out a hero. Which is to say it will age poorly.

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honestly fuck the economy. what's that bitch ever done for me

I think I would be uniquely placed to make this game so if you are doing that let me know lol

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I would like to make a game like No One Lives Forever but it is impossible to contemplate making now without some company just deciding to make another sequel

Critical Distance, a non-profit I volunteer for on the board of directors, needs help. We have been archiving and contextualising online games writing for 13 years. We are asking for help to allow us to continue operating, and perhaps even invest in building longer term resilience. I'd be very grateful for any help spreading the word:

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