i love 2 sell out for the sake of my mental health

(Reenactment of what I imagine being a junior writer is like now, according to my being a junior writer 8 years ago)

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game writer: please sir, may I have a crumb
studio: no you imbecile just rewrite until we have no budget you buffoon

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young person: my greatest dream is to get into a writers room at a game studio!!!!!!!
writers room a game studio: you little shits. You incompetent little assholes. Why didn’t you animate this important emotional scene when you wrote this piece of dogshit?????? It’s cut now you fucking fools

If you do try Headspace the 3D soundscape Monastery Drizzle, and the medication guide Dora is the path to becoming Karamo from Queer Eye. You will instantly be less annoying

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new job 

my new job is just solving design problems and tbh I enjoy doing just the mechanical work. ppl will probably miss my dick jokes in games but we can’t hang dong all day frens

@ranjit every time I see ur avatar I think ur Gex the pop culture gecko

I also got this lil 80s headband that has Bluetooth speakers in it that you can use to listen to things while you sleep and not annoy your partner and it’s so good. my partner laughs at me and bops Gloria Estefan choruses at me when I wake up with hair like Björn Borg

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They have this big library of 3D Sleep Noises and honestly I started out like this is complete bullshit and now I’m like Im paying for this until I die

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I hate that every therapist I talked to including the free NHS one who prescribed me meds advised I use Headspace and I was like uh Big Tech is not going to solve My Anxiety About Late Capitalism and then I used it and I was like oh fuck sake I feel chiller now what will I do

Re: slippers I got cream colour furry boots from accessorize. They are very good but I am not as mobile as I was in the lil ballet shoe style ones I had before

Friends pls recommend to me the best winter slippers you ever bought

David Lynch’s CREATIVE HALLMARKS are not the same as HOW HE PRODUCES THOSE

Brendon Chung is an auteur; Ken Levine has BAD PRODUCTION METHODS

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Dear videogames ‘community’
auteurism is not a management style it is an AESTHETIC STYLE
You seem to be confusing it with BAD PRODUCTION METHODS
Please fucking stop discussing it like this

@cara Wait till you see how big our washers and dryers are.

I store juice, veg, meats and cheese in the fridge. I don’t need a fridge that is the equivalent size of a giants wardrobe, america

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I guess at least I will get a fridge with the little ice maker in it.

But I’m also outraged at how much room fridges take up in LA???? Do you know how much space you have can you just make a small fridge for fuck sake

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I’m moving to Los Angeles and I can’t fkn believe I will be paying this much for a house. Like I am baffled as to how anyone lives there

Tryna explain to my partner that in Fife Scotland ‘jamp’ is the past tense of ‘jump’ and that it’s okay just to use it for Good

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