online discourse in general 

There's this specific type of online discourse that makes you feel bad for not doing enough, while simultaneously making you feel bad/childish for trying to do anything 🤷‍♀️ So the only option left--if you're embedded in that discourse--is to be extremely ironic and hostile about everything.

And it's weird because this seems like a particularly online thing. I haven't met people IRL who behave like this.

hey if you’ve read my comic The Final Girls on ComiXology I will give you a genuine complimentary toot of compliments to make you feel good about yourself. how about it

Krang never got in a live action movie. Fuckin travesty


Cried a lot yesterday and somehow today feel hungover and stuffy about it???? Didnt even drink anything

Having said that, when I look at the follows and RTs I am being Fully Embraced by the queer globalist mafia so I welcome the friendship of my new comrades and am trying not to be ungrateful

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My birdsite experience is now one rando tweet I made when tired is going around brazil bouncing off 60k ppl

Videogames are a solitary and automatic tool that provides set feedback that can act on your audiovisual perception, perception of time and perception of language. Boardgames are a manual apparatus for having an excuse to fool around with people you like and should be gotten out of the way as soon as possible

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Absolutely ended myself laughing at this one it was sooooo good

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rewatching Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace and can someone please remind me to start advertising Crossed Wires as “a future shock that’ll shit you up”

And are these "tankies" in the room with us right now?

may everyone eventually gain the power to make their thoughts hit the page accurately

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I think one thing I am proud of now is that my writing has reached a place where if I am filled with a searing fire I can write it out and later it still reads like it will singe my eyebrows, but when I was younger my craft was not good enough to keep the fire stoked in the text and it read like a hyperactive squirrel wrote it

@cara damn can't believe u didn't replace the world with american culture before writing this wtf

but also honestly its out of print now bro its sacred if you have a copy even if it isnt about john romero, the most interviewed developer of all time

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