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in awe of this beautiful thing. we are capable of earthly delights and celestial reverie

Under the Blacklight: Storytelling While Black and Female - Conjuring Beautiful Experiments
Kimberlé Crenshaw joined by N.K Jemisin and Saidiya Hartman

Cowd fund for black trans man elders, Ethan Thomas Young, Rev. Louis Mitchell, and Kylar Broadus, Esq

By day, i am just a mild-mannered accountant. But when night falls, I become a feared MMA fighter known only as "The Howler"

I saw a dwarf recite My Friend Punch at The Oily Turquoise Dates. It's interesting.

— Rakust Gadanolon, Wrestler


Cauldron magically dulled (reinforces intoxioting or barroop) sprinks on saint‘s hand when sun moonding of

well, ive had this inhaler for a while now, and i absolutely gorram love it. Perfect for dry or damaged voice issues.

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