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in awe of this beautiful thing. we are capable of earthly delights and celestial reverie

Payment. Trickster commends the best three wings. The bath for other wickedness.

DCCSBS (Dungeon Crawl Carved Stone Ball Soup)

Monetary Aid Request 

Hello! Pls rb or donate to our lovely homie @sunflowers , who could use help recovering from spending quite a bit of cash getting a AC unit on top of dealing w some serious debt

Its HOT right now in Chicago and she could use the assistance getting her home's temp regulated, especially since this puts her dogs health at risk (& her own!!)

even $5 goes a long way or check out her shop!$elenners

At the 30th anniversary of the Oka Crisis, watch Alanis Obomsawin's documentary Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance.

This is a part of Canadian history that most Canadians know of, but few understand; and I'll bet barely any non-Canadians know of.


#indigenous #canada #CanCon #documentary #history 🐘

Please boost this fundraiser for a loved one returning home soon from state captivity!

food derived fiber 

detail shot :3
what do you think i should do with this string?

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"If software needs to exist, and please notice that maybe software SHOULD NOT EXIST, there are many approaches to its creation."
- Miguel Sicart, "'Pataphysical Software: (Ridiculous) Technological Solutions for Imaginary Problems" (2020)

"The first step in the 'pataphysical method of software design is to do desk research in order to identify the kinds of imaginary problems that 'pataphysics can address. This process has to be non-scientific, guided by taste and intuition in a kind of intellectual dérive, as no scientific methods can be applied during the development of 'pataphysical software, or the results will not be 'pataphysically appropriate."

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You don't always have to be super detailed in your captions. When you're captioning images (which you generally should), ask yourself what your intention is. If you're posting a picture of, I don't know, a cat because you're making a pun involving cats, it's totally sufficient to write "a cat" because anything else would distract from the point. But let's say you're showing your followers a specific cat that you befriended on your way home, in that case maybe describe it! Is it a tabby or a tuxedo? Longhair or shorthair? What colour are the cats eyes? Long whiskers? Just give it a minute. Captioning can be fun and it's good mindfulness practice because it makes you think about what you're looking at.

of SHARKS sides over there THought a Locker.

hey I just donated to a memorial fund set up by the family of Angela Martinez Gomez, and I wanna encourage you all to do the same

she was a transgender fast food worker who caught coronavirus from an unsafe workplace. burger king apparently blames her death on her hormone injections instead of the disease, which is just completely fucking ridiculous and transphobic and insulting

there's a little more info here:

and a link to the memorial fund here:

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