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in awe of this beautiful thing. we are capable of earthly delights and celestial reverie


me: i'm something of a plant expert

me: oh no this plant has a large amount of new growth, but two leaves are yellow am i a failure


we ordered delivery

🏞️ Please consider the environment before chaining that block 🏞️

🏞️ Please consider the environment before printing this post 🏞️

softly folded fawn
candles animating
we walk on the roof of hell
lantern in the eaves

"But always we must keep in mind that their brilliance was also derivative. The truer genius was in the midst of the people of whom they wrote. There the struggle was more than words or ideas but life itself."

– C. Robinson, Black Marxism (1983)

you know,,,, the pandemic has really made anchoresses out of all of us beautiful lesbians

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