Walking around Philly with 5️⃣ wi-fi access points in my bag.

Image description: Screen capture of the iOS wi-fi network menu. The list of networks includes the following 5 SSIDs:
1️⃣ Iffy Books is open
2️⃣ Thursday thru Sunday
3️⃣ 12 to 6 p.m.
4️⃣ You should stop by!
5️⃣ -> iffybooks.net <-

I’m using Wemos D1 mini clone boards, which we have at the shop for $4. Here’s a link to our how-to zine: https://iffybooks.net/pocket-wifi-portal/


@iffybooks i am getting a few of these boards to try! doing it in python was throwing me for a 💫loop💫

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