Introducing another of my popular bots ported to the fediverse: @1994clipart. Regularly posts random clipart from a 1994 CD-ROM of 10,000 clipart images.

While computationally simple, this bot required a ton of work. The Corel Gallery clipart was in a long-abandoned proprietary format: .BMF

I had to go into Corel Gallery (on a Win XP virtual machine), export to WMF, and then convert to PNG. One image at a time. **10000 times**

The CD-ROM is my own personal copy, which I bought at a Best Buy in 1995 to use in my handouts. I was a high school teacher at the time, just out of college. Still got the CD-ROM.


@samplereality thank you for the background

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@casey I keep meaning to write up the whole process. In fact **does a quick lookup** I've got a half-written draft that's been stalled for 3 years!

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