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hace que todo
sea posible

did you know that you can extract a .jar file just like it's a zipped archive?

hi friend have you heard the good word of hating FLACs

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wow finally a place to complain about FLACs


The Small File Media Festival works in defense of the tiny image. Size matters, and small is better, tiny is best, which is not merely to argue for a different aesthetics or narrative structures but also for an understanding that all media is media ecology – and as such, directly related to infrastructures with environmental costs.

– Jussi Parikka



chicago politics, racism 

I've devoted a lot of time to understanding the criminal punishment system in an effort to destroy it and replace it with better things, and I still come across brain-breaking sentences sometimes.

In a city that is 50% white and 30% Black,
"Just 3.5% of the approximately 5,500 residential search warrants served by Chicago police officers between 2017 and 2020 targeted white Chicagoans, according to the report from the inspector general’s office."

@mood critics are saying "woof..." about The Nevers

@mood (if not, we can pretend i never said this in order for me to retain my dignity)

@mood are you watching that victorian steampunk magic people show too

forgot to recommend: Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain is a great movie

wow you can steam wood and then bend it

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