Please look at this cake whether you do or don't watch the Great British Bake Off, as seen in S8E1 


reggae, spotify link 

listening to the congos today and it's perf for 90 degree san francisco

picked up a re-pressing of this album a few years ago, not sure from where. maybe amoeba in sf, where I'll never shop again after their anti-homeless bs?


I read this thing about a thing I’ve been thinking a lot about (what happens after election day) and sharing because maybe you’ve been thinking a lot about it too

ah, it seems the dog trainer has assumed that we have "separate rooms" with "closing doors"

airplane watermelon with melon balls, menges, livingston manor, new york, 1978

Double Union, a makerspace in San Francisco, is moving and giving away for free (some items for symbolic, flexible price) some furniture and odds and ends we can't take with us. Help us clear out our space. 🙏🏼


#movinggiveaway #sfbay #sf

solvang castle inn, angle 2, route 246, solvang, california, 1985


i feel like the longer i spend in isolation, the more stinky and bold i become. like a fine cheese in a cave. gonna burst on the scene and win some awards

twitter, my research, light anti-disinformation work 

I finally wrote up something explaining that Twitter has not allowed people to pick usernames during signup for almost 3 years now, and that a "jsmith12345678" username pretty much just means you're dealing with a not super technically savvy social media literate person.

The Somali elephant shrew was considered extinct but was recently rediscovered in Africa. Please, I’m begging you to look at it.

terrace drive-in theater, terrace way, bakersfield, california, 1987

effects pedal recommendations wanted 

do you have any effects pedals you like? reverb, delay, loops, whatev. I’ve never really looked into them and am thinking of picking some up to route my synth and vocals through! maybe bass, guitar, or electronic drums, too.

what have you liked and why?

Photo nerds! Via Metafilter:

"The Oakland Museum of California has made its digital archive of Dorothea Lange's photography available to all."

the world has changed so much since we started working on this issue at the end of last year, and I am so impressed with contributors and the core team for pulling out this beautiful, timely issue through all of it. I hope it provides something to folks in a dark time.

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