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I've been talking with many friends considering moving to Mastodon, so I tried to writeup my thoughts about why and how to do that! it's not comprehensive, instead like a casual chat, but hope it's helpful!

feel free to share; feedback & q's welcome

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looptober 2022 

01: silver piglets of this room

(or: I had a different melodic loop earlier today and accidentally erased it because I'm learning my loop station, and then got back home after a long day and brain only came out noise)


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posting a re- since there are lots of new folks! welcome!

I'm christa. I live in san francisco with @jim and a pup named piglet

I work as a software engineer trying to make US government services better. generally, I care about the impact of technology on people

things I post about lately when not (just) shitposting: synths, dark room photography, powerlifting, plants, outside, sf

more info on website/pinned posts! welcome dms/follows from friendly folks with shared interests

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I've been writing and running a little Rails forum for about a month now for some friends!

I think I still have a little bit to go for a 1.0 for the software (mainly pagination, our forum is too small to require it yet) but think it's in a place where I can recommend it to others if you're interested in shaping development.

if you're interested in running a little forum for your friends or an existing community, check it out (and let me know so I start versioning!):

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paid off my $2.02 debt to twilio so bleep bloop hotline's back, baybee!!!


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I'm hosting a webinar about trust and safety on the fediverse this Thursday, Dec 8th at 12pm Eastern. It's an introduction to the state of content moderation and community safety here.

I hope it will be useful to people at civil society organizations who have perhaps heard about Mastodon and the fediverse and would like to know more about where there are gaps in funding and services, and places where orgs could potentially help augment what's already happening.


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Just in case you're wondering, the fight against authorizing the use of deadly force via robots by the SFPD isn't over yet. There is one vote left before the policy becomes effective. If you live in SF, you can use this Action Alert to tell your Supervisor to vote "no."

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UC also wants to completely scrap the contract’s disability justice provisions and replace them with, as far as i can tell, literally nothing

and they keep calling bargaining sessions with no advance notice late at night – like, 10pm or later. last night’s session started a bit after midnight

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idk how many of you are following the current University of California academic workers’ strike, but the UC’s handling of the situation is genuinely appalling to me.

the workers at multiple UC campuses (particularly UCSC) are routinely putting more than half of their monthly pay toward rent. the latest contract offer from the UC is suggesting wage increases on the order of… maybe a couple thousand dollars? like, “one month of rent” levels in Santa Cruz

Logic School cohort 2 applications open now! an experimental school for tech workers by tech workers 

Logic School is an online, experimental school for tech workers looking to remake tech from below, now in year 2!

I helped with support for the first cohort last year and the community they and @xrw built was such an incredible thing to be a part of.

classes begin in March; applications are open now. share with any tech worker who could use an organizing catalyst!

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"Over past 6 yrs, America’s major freight carriers have shed 30% of employees. To compensate for lost staffing, remaining workers must tolerate irregular schedules & little time off since RRs don’t have much spare labor capacity left..

Last yr, 7 dominant N American railways had a combined net income of $27B, nearly 2x their margin decade ago. In the interim, the railways have doled out $146B in dividends/buybacks while investing $116B into businesses."


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shipping logistics 

every day on my block in San Francisco there are a bunch of cars double parked around a Budget rental van, with people in UPS vests (short term contractors, I think) distributing Amazon packages from the main truck to their cars. today the whole street is full and there are multiple Budget vans

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Junior Ruby on Rails job at global not-for-profit 

come work with me!

my workplace, Meedan (, is hiring for a junior backend software engineer. we're a small, distributed not-for-profit working globally to address misinformation, with an eng team of ~13 people.

our work is open source; here's the main repo we work in:

resume review begins dec 5. I'm one of the other backend RoR engineers; happy to answer questions!

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During the pandemic, people who bought tickets to concerts often didn't go, a serious problem for musicians and for venues, because no-shows don't buy drinks or merch. No-shows are still at record high levels, as if people have lost the emotional habits that once made them comfortable with going out to hear music in groups.

@dada_drummer explains:

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I can't believe I even have to say this, but please do not grant the San Francisco police department the power to kill people using armed robots:

free US national parks pass for disabled folks 

TIL that if you can prove permanent disability (eg doctor’s note, document from the VA, SSI, SSDI, or a state agency) you qualify for a lifetime national parks pass

photo software question 

I have a huge lightroom catalog and for whatever reason can't use lightroom 5 with it anymore. just keeps erroring it out on import. I don't want to subscribe to adobe cc forever to access it

does anyone have recs for photo software like lightroom, but is available for purchase (not sub) and has following features:
- can import dng & nef formats
- can import existing lightroom catalog (keywords, ratings, collections, etc)
- supports external hd & local storage

thank u

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mpaa: you wouldn't... steal a car 😏
me: gonna stop you right there hoss, you're conflating personal with private property. personal property is something owned for use by an actual person, private property is resources exploited for profit by a capitalist. I would not steal a car, but only because doing so would deprive a person of a thing they were using without their consent. intellectual property is always private property and "stealing" it in a digital medium is victimless.
mpaa: *defeated*

logic cheeseposting 

I haven't been actively involved in the magazine in a bit, so it's really nice to step back into the story of when we started it six years ago and reflect on how much I, we, the magazine, and the larger conversation around technology and society has changed in that time. I'm grateful for everyone I got to meet along the way. excited for this next change, think it's more appropriate for today (more on that here, if this is news to you: onward~

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logic cheeseposting 

feeling feels helping edit my last interview for logic. after the next issue the magazine will transition to new leadership and I'll be formally out of the day-to-day and moving fully into cheerleading from the board! I'm excited for its future and very glad to have had shaped it and it shaped me

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your life is a small political experiment. you try to live in a way that reflects what you want the world to be. how you want relationships to work, how you want beauty and love to be felt by normal people in their own small political lives. you fail sometimes, and you keep trying.

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