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ha ha. ha

(just messing with koala performance modes and effects!)

cw creepy laughing

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there’s a mouse in this louse

(first track using koala! omg such a good program. thanks for the tip @darius)

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two-level hole, till's dairyland and putt-r-golf, route 430, mansfield, ohio, 1988

turns out these do loop well, it was just mobile safari that made it seem like they weren't!

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a b c

(another quick phone loop with easy beats! I’m really liking the program, gonna try Koala next)

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the fact that these don’t perfectly loop even though they do in the app is gonna drive me a little mad

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(taking a tour of iPhone drum machines and all of their terrible ads and pricing structures. this one is made with EasyBeats, which is the best and least annoying re pricing I’ve tried so far)

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missing person, seattle 

Sam Dubal hasn't returned as expected after hiking the Mother Mountain Loop in Mount Ranier National Park. his family is looking for him! please share.

more details, contact info, and a picture here:

the least loopy of them all

cameo by piglet's toenails

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Logic is doing a bunch of events for the release of our book series next week!

all are free & online. come hang! all times Pacific.

Mon 10/12
🤖 6p - Ben Tarnoff & Moira Weigel on Voices From the Valley, with Anna Wiener
🤖 7:30p - Tim Hwang on Subprime Attention Crisis, with Allison Arieff

Tues 10/13
🤖 6p - @xrw on Blockchain Chicken Farm, with An Xiao Mina
🤖 7:30p - Adrian Daub on What Tech Calls Thinking, with @jomc

Weds 10/14
🤖 6p: big ol panel, with Robin Sloan

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