5 (catchin' up!)

lotta dungeon crawling over here

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@christa it's v quiet, not sure if my computer is doing something weird or if that's just how it is

@pagrus ah yeah looks like it's a little quiet! it's also mostly bass, which doesn't come through on most speakers. I'll bump up volume and repost, thanks!

@pagrus playing around with it, it just sounds shitty without headphones or at lower volumes. but I can't really up the volume without clipping. so I guess it stays quiet, sorry! my recording setup is janky

@pagrus i'm recording a new track and it's really bonkers how quiet that last one was. maybe I'll futz some more with it and try a compressor or something when I'm done with this

@christa ok cool! I don't know what any of that stuff does but it sounds like a good idea

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